Malware Development

  • Malware Launching - Packing

    Malware Launching - Packing

    1. Context

    When I first started in malware development, the question I always have in the back of my mind is about how malware can be launched since a lot of AV programs are evolving to detect more and more malicious executable nowadays.

    AVs are heavily depedent on the signatures of an executable to...

  • Malware Launching - Process Hollowing

    Malware Launching - Process Hollowing

    1. Context

    This is another malware launching technique that I have been really interested in learning about. The idea about malware launching is that you have an malicious executable, and you want to execute it like a normal process on your machine.

    However, most of the average Windows users are aware of <a...

  • Malware Launching - DLL Injection

    Malware Launching - DLL Injection

    1. Context

    Ever since I started malware development, I’ve always been interested in the concept of malware launching.

    The idea is that malware launcher is an a type of malware that can download/unpack and execute a malware. The goal of the launcher is to set things up so the malicious activity of the...

  • Rust Ransomware (Part 3)

    Rust Ransomware: Part 3

    Traversing Windows Directory and Priviledge Escalation

    1. Traverse and Encrypt

    After having implemented the encrypting algorithm in Part 2, we need to traverse through the victim’s computer’s directories in order to find files to encrypt them.

    Typically, directories and files are a bit complicated to process if you want to traverse through...

  • Rust Ransomware (Part 2)

    Rust Ransomware: Part 2

    Crypto and How Ransomwares encrypt your file

    1. Ransomware and Encryption

    A typical ransomware is just a malicious program that encrypts your files with some method, making them unusable, and hold it for ransom.

    If the victim wants the files back, they have to pay and have the malware author to decrypt the...

  • Rust Ransomware (Part 1)

    Rust Ransomware | Part 1

    Setting up & Implementing Anti-Rerversing techniques in malwares

    Set up

    • To set up this lab, please make sure you have a recent version of Rust installed.
    • Create a folder on your computer and change into that directory from your Command Prompt

Reverse Engineering

Network Engineering

  • Open Shortest Path First

    Open Shortest Path First - Routing Protocol

    1. Context

    I’m starting my network engineering internship with Union Pacific soon in a week, and my managers have been asking me to review networking concepts that the company frequently uses.

    One of the important ones is OSPF as, I think, it is our main link state routing protocol within...